ALI PROJECT - Lolicate
336 plays
ALI PROJECT - Ryuukou Sekai
206 plays


ALI PROJECT - Ryuukou Sekai (Fad World)

ALI PROJECT - Seishoujo Ryouiki
548 plays


Seishoujo Ryouiki - ALI PROJECT

Anime: Rozen Maiden ~ Träumend

Cure Honey (Kitagawa Rina) - Shiawase Gohan Ai no Uta
233 plays


Shiawase Gohan Ai no Uta (Happy Rice Love Song) from Happiness Charge Precure!

I-1club - シャツとブラウス
311 plays


catfish instrument by PengoSolvent

cool little thing is that i actually wrote the lyrics in the youtube descrption

Pogo - Stork
2,116 plays
田所あずさ - Wonderful Dreamer
273 plays
田所あずさ - Hello My Revolution
97 plays
大森靖子 - 青い部屋 (Guitar Ver.)
191 plays
Vocal: Micazo - Sayonara Rolling Star (Yuri‘s Mixx)
4,163 plays
大森靖子 - エンドレスダンス
197 plays

oomori seiko - endless dance

Kazumi Nikaido - Memory of Life
3,403 plays


Theme song of The Tale of Princess Kaguya (2013)

Iori Minase, Ritsuko Akizuki & Makoto Kikuchi  - 七彩ボタン (Nanairo Button)
199 plays


I wanted to try these three’s vocals together. Not sure if this trio has been done before, but y’know. The parts are the same as the in-game arrangement except for the very first part.

Song: 七彩ボタン (Nanairo Button)
Idols: Iori Minase (Lead), Ritsuko Akizuki (Left Side) & Makoto Kikuchi (Right Side)

The Uncluded - Boomerang
409 plays


Like a Harlem-line, summertime, hootenanny barbecue:

Screaming “I’M FINE!” but I think they all knew

Cause you can’t hide your childhood flying dreams

Through your fishbowl-wall transparencies